Reopening May 9th

May 7, 2020

With the Governor's Stay-At-Home Order expiring, Mulligan's Island will reopen its driving range and batting cages. As with all venues in Rhode Island, there will be Covid-19 restrictions in place to protect customers, staff and the general public from spreading the virus. We take these restrictions seriously and failure to adhere will result in removal from the facility and forfeiture of your admission.

1. Masks will be required for everyone entering the facility and you must keep them on your person at all times.

2. There will be no congregating at a distance of less than 6' for all guests and staff. This includes in the parking area, the line to purchase tickets or at the venues.

3. All driving range and batting cage stations are placed more than 12' apart. They are not to be moved or modified in any way which would result in reducing this separation. 

4. There will be no sharing of clubs, bats or helmets between parties and Mulligan's will not lend any clubs, bats or helmets to guests. 

5. Any unsafe conduct or failure to follow the implemented Covid-19 restrictions will result in removal from the facility and a forfeiture of your fees. 

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