House Grimoire: Return of the Dragon - May 28

April 7, 2023

House Grimoire (Festival): Return of the Dragon

Electronic Music Festival Grimfest 2023

Return of the Forest Series (With Psychics & Vendors)

May 28th, 2023




Please note: this is a Music Festival with costumes, dance, vendors, food, and drinks. Please dress properly and stay hydrated. G?ates open at 3 pm


Tickets are currently on sale! There will be no tickets at the door (no will call, no cash, no box office on-site) The Grimoire Historical Renaissance and Fantasy Series (Grimfest)


Years in the dark, the return of the forest to the real world is an immersive, weird, fantasy sci-fi and historical renaissance series focused on aspects of the deep connection to the human posterity and the fairytale. When the forest returns, so do the fae, the mythologies that have been buried for decades, and the old world thrones and renaissance flavors that fabricate the fictitious world of Grimoire and its House. The Return of the Dragon specifically is an embellished story connected to the Medieval past and the representation of festivals to celebrate the ancient world.


The Grimoire Mythos reinvents this world by mixing the folklore of Pirates, Mermaids, Fae, Psychics, Dragons, Medieval stories, and futuristic sci-fi concepts that resemble its own identity in a 2-day (some-day to be 3 day) series called "GrimFest - Return of the Forest," mixing world folklore into 3-days of an all out dance festival focused on fashion, dance, house-music, love, and friendships.


Kind Loving people only 


Dress code (optional): Renaissance Rave Babes, Knights, Archers, Elves, Fariytale-style folklore, ogores Grimm tale attire. Sexy Medieval-style aspect: EDM Festi attire; 7th-century clothing through 16th-century ideals. Nordic, Celtic, Gaulish stories, eastern Europe, linens, dark fantasy, fairytales, Game-of-thrones inspired cloaks and stories. Creatures & nymphs. EDM Raveware, IHeartRaves or other inspired looks. (cosplay weapons are approved, but not real weapons - this is still a music festival).




======== Highlights ?? =========


• Electronic DJs (lineup to come) Main Stage,

• Over 45 Psychic Readers, Vendors, Artists, Traders

• Food Concessions Drinks (21 for alcohol)

• Dance Medieval EDM Festival / Outdoor (Drinks) Dragons

• Costumes Encouraged - Grimoire is known for its costume and fashion culture so rock your best fit

• Performers

M?ore to come!


====== Amenities ==========


• Flow Toys are Allowed, but weapons are not.

• Venue is serving drinks (21 ) and we're hoping to bring some food trucks!• Beautiful Large-scale venue

• Included Psychic "Fair"

•AV Production

• Cosplayer Dancer Niche Exclusive

• High-Surveillance Security Ops | Police | EMTs

• Large-scale

• We are an all-inclusive corporation meaning all of various backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, and cultures, ages, etc., are encouraged to come. If you cannot be kind to your peers, please stay home.

*Positive vibes from every community: including Music, Arts, LGBT , Academia!


*** Festi Vibes, Sexy Medieval Attire (18 ).

Vibes: Cultural Anthropology, Fashion, Halloween, & Dance


====== Rules & Information ======


-All ticket sales are final, but if you cannot make it, we can reserve your credit for a future event.


-This event is not intended for children - it's an electronic music festival for adults.


-Rain Date if Severe: Event is, in general, rain or shine, but in the case of severe weather or postponement, we will roll your ticket into a new date. If you cannot make that date, you can hold a credit with us for the next event!


-No weapons (cosplay items ok) / No Outside food and beverages / No Drugs or Illegal Substances / Totems ARE allowed, PLEASE DO NOT BRING OFFENSIVE TOTEMS or ones where the post is greater than 7ft and steel, they will not be let in.

For a list of restricted items:


-High-Security services and surveillance present.


-If you are to be drinking alcohol, please make sure you have a designated driver (DD) or use a taxi service like Uber or Lyft. Never drink and drive. Your purchase of a ticket is your agreement to follow this law/rule. This is a drug-free event. Ride-share and lyft highly encouraged; parking could be limited and overflow lots would require a bus-ride over.


*Hate speech or any harassment/Political aggression of any kind against anyone of any race, class, gender, orientation, etc., Get removed. All welcome, LGBTQIA


========= Policies ===========


-Photography/Videography Agreement - your purchase of a ticket is your direct consent to be filmed/photographed at our events - photos/videos may be used for branding, social media, and marketing purposes.


-Flashing Lights, pressurized gas, etc., and Strobes are sometimes used at our events and may not be appropriate for people with epilepsy, those who experience seizures, or other similar conditions. Caution is advised

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