We receive hundreds of donation requests from worthy charities each and every year. Unfortunately we cannot respond to all of them nor can we fulfill the many appeals. Each request is evaluated based on the following criteria and then acted on by management:

Will the value of the donation go primarily to the targeted group?
Is the request associated with a known, established organization?
Does the organization serve members of Mulligan’s Island community?
Are the members of the organization active members of the Mulligan’s Island community
Does the organization utilize Mulligan’s Island for fundraising activities?

Each month management evaluates the open requests for support and determines if Mulligan’s Island can support the request through a Family 4 Pack Gift Certificate. Affirmative responses are sent an email and a member of the organization must pick up the donation in our Pro Shop and sign our receipt book. Requests that are unable to be fulfilled are typically not sent a response.

To make a request, please mail a request to: Mulligan’s Island, Attn: Donation Requests, 1000 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920. Include with the request a letter outlining the purpose of the solicitation, how the requested items will be utilized by the organization, number of attendees expected at the event, an explanation of the expected outcomes and a notation of the 501C3 tax ID number (required).

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