Par 3

Since “The Back Nine” opened, players of all skill levels have enjoyed this Par 3 course at Mulligan’s Island. Players enjoy the rolling terrain, extra large greens, and especially the two water holes.

The Back Nine won't overwhelm you on your first round and you won't grow tired of the layout due to its multiple tee boxes and undulating greens. Unlike most Par 3 courses that lack imagination and character, The Back Nine was designed with variations to help you perfect your short and mid-iron game.

What makes The Back Nine most enjoyable is you are able to play with your family and friends and they will not feel intimidated or overwhelmed as a new golfer. Our staff of instructors find that this course is ideal for their new students and you will often see them giving playing lessons on the course.

We use this course as part of our very successful Women's Instruction Leagues as well as corporate leagues, corporate outings, and Tournaments such as scrambles and glow ball tournaments. If you would like information check the website or call the pro-shop. 


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