6/21 FNL - The Pogs

May 2, 2019

In the Summer of 2012, a group of original musicians from the local Providence music scene banded together to start a side project playing music from the decade that molded them as musicians, the 90’s. Together they formed The Pogs (named after a silly fad from the 90s). The band worked hard to promote their first shows using grassroots methods they were familiar with from being in original bands their whole lives. It paid off, nearly breaking several attendance records for their first few concerts. Within 6 months The Pogs had become more than just a fun little side project as the members have all committed to making every show an insanely energetic performance not to be forgotten.

Today, the Pogs are RI's most insanely energetic 90's Cover Group playing all of your favorite 90's hits! From the shore to the city, Providence to Boston, the band has been entertaining countless music lovers trying to relive the radio music of their youth. Chris Chilton and Paul Giammarco rock the guitars and provide vocals. Dave Fazzina provides the bass and sings too. Justin McGovern is on keyboards and vocals. And Tom Moran hits the drums.

The Pogs have been nominated for “Best Cover Band” by a reader’s poll in the Providence Phoenix and it’s no surprise with their amazingly supportive fan base, and high energy performances that immerse the audience in being part of the show, they’ve been able to create a full on 90’s party atmosphere.


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