6/14 FNL - Stephanie & Aaron

May 2, 2019

Stephanie Adlington and Aaron Lessard have pooled their immense talent into a performance that will eclipse even your most audacious expectations.

Adlington was the 2018 winner of "Best Jazz Vocalist" at the Nashville Industry Music Awards and has a voice and style described as "sultry...timeless...the siren of the south." Growing up in West Virginia and traveling to visit relatives in Mississippi, she was exposed to soulful music, gospel hymns and American folk. After studying jazz vocals in London, she has returned to blend these styles into a unique and powerful sound that she calls "Jazzicana".

Born in Westport, MA and educated at the Berklee School of Music, Aaron Lessard is the modern take on Vintage Rock N’ Roll. Starting with the jazz guitar work he fell in love with in college, Aaron blends early roots music, rockabilly, surf, jazz, and blues. Now residing in Nashville, TN, he brings a retro and highly charged energy to his live shows. 

Together, Stephanie and Aaron will transform you to a mythical speakeasy, filled with the words and melodies of musical greats and their own original works. 

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