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Mulligan's Island Batting Cages are for all players, from Little League, to High School to College; and also include Slow Pitch and Fast Pitch Softball.

Our 10 station Mono-Pole batting cage is outstanding....It can be programmed to throw Baseballs -- from Little League Speed (30mph--40mph), all the way up to High School and College Heat (70mph--80mph)...

The CAGES also feature settings for both Slow Pitch & Fast Pitch softball, and are challenging for players of all ages and skill levels.

Mulligan's Island features "IRON MIKE" Pitching Machines, outstanding technology that utilizes a Pitching Arm to deliver each pitch, in a most realistic motion.


  • One Round (16 pitches) - $2.50
  • Iron Mike Card (30 rounds) - $60.00


Also available, is a Practice Clay Infield, with a 60 ft. Base Path --- on this special, unique and very cool infield surface you can practice everything from base running to Full Infield Practice.

Mulligan's Island provides 6 Pitching Mounds:

  • 2 High School
  • 2 Little League
  • 2 Girls Fast Pitch

and a full 5,000 sq. ft. Outfield Area, great for drills and conditioning.

Baseball and Softball teams from all over the region (little league, high school, semi-pro, men & women's softball) have taken advantage of the Baseball Training Facility at Mulligan's Island. Teams and Individuals can rent our batting cages by the hour, as well as our Infield or Pitching Mounds to improve various aspects of their game -- 24 hour notice is required, so please call ahead.

For more information you can call (401) 464-8855 extension - 0

Mulligan's Islandd
1000 New London Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920

p: 401 464 8855
f: 401 464 6336



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