Volleyball League

We are offering variety of leagues and tournaments on our sand volleyball courts!
Cost per team: Fours are $370 and Sixes are $450.
Any questions please email Anne-Marie <annemarie@bfbvc.com>

Summer Leagues - Click to Register
Week of June 5 to Week of Sept 1
Sunday Any Fours (pdf)
Sunday Middle School Boys and Girls Fours (pdf)
Sunday High School Girls Fours (pdf)
Monday High School Boys Fours Double Headers (pdf)
Monday Men’s A (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Monday Women’s A (Adult only) Fours (pdf)
Tuesday TBA (pdf)
Tuesday Men’s B (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Women’s B (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Wednesday High School Coed Fours (pdf)
Wednesday Coed A Sixes (pdf)
Wednesday Coed B Sixes (pdf)
Thursday Any Fours (pdf)
Thursday Coed A Fours (pdf)
Thursday Coed B Fours (pdf)
Friday TBA (pdf)
Friday Men’s Doubles (pdf)
Friday Coed Doubles (pdf)

Fall Leagues - Click to Register
Week of Sept 4 to Week of Oct 21
Sunday Women’s Fours (pdf)
Sunday Coed Fours (pdf)
Monday Men’s Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Men’s Fours (pdf)
Wednesday Coed Sixes (pdf)
Thursday Coed Fours (pdf)
Friday Coed Fours (pdf)



CANCELLATION POLICY: Leagues play in all weather, including downpours, hail and snow, with the exception of lightning.

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