Volleyball League

We are offering variety of leagues and tournaments on our sand volleyball courts!
Cost per team: Fours are $370 and Sixes are $450.
Any questions please email Anne-Marie <annemarie@bfbvc.com>

Spring Leagues - Click to Register
Week of April 16 to Week of June 2 
Sunday Women’s Fours (pdf)
Sunday Coed Fours (pdf)
Monday Men’s Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Men’s Fours (pdf)
Wednesday Coed Sixes (pdf)
Thursday Coed Fours (pdf)
Friday Coed Fours (pdf)

Summer Leagues - Click to Register
Week of June 5 to Week of Sept 1
Sunday Any Fours (pdf)
Sunday Middle School Boys and Girls Fours (pdf)
Sunday High School Girls Fours (pdf)
Monday High School Boys Fours Double Headers (pdf)
Monday Men’s A (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Monday Women’s A (Adult only) Fours (pdf)
Tuesday TBA (pdf)
Tuesday Men’s B (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Tuesday Women’s B (adult only) Fours (pdf)
Wednesday High School Coed Fours (pdf)
Wednesday Coed A Sixes (pdf)
Wednesday Coed B Sixes (pdf)
Thursday Any Fours (pdf)
Thursday Coed A Fours (pdf)
Thursday Coed B Fours (pdf)
Friday TBA (pdf)
Friday Men’s Doubles (pdf)
Friday Coed Doubles (pdf)


CANCELLATION POLICY: Leagues play in all weather, including downpours, hail and snow, with the exception of lightning.

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